Goodbye my love

I find comfort in knowing this happens to women all the time. They meet the man of their dreams that says and does all of the right things. But he is married. He makes all of these empty promises and excuses on why he can’t leave his marriage. They say the timing is just not right so the woman waits and waits for years but he never leaves. I don’t know how many of these women actually walk away.

As much as I love you I know what I deserve and honestly at this point I don’t think you deserve me or the love that I have to give. I still don’t believe you truly love me as much as you say. I do believe that you care for me though. I guess I’ll never know. Maybe it’s for the best since I do believe that you lie to me often. About stupid things. You lie so easily to everyone else so what makes me so different?

I guess this is really it. I have to move on. As much as I love you something just feels different about this. I guess because I’ve been pulling myself away from you emotionally. Talking to you is hard because it brings feelings back. I guess the best thing for us is to really stop talking and go our separate ways like you want. Just believe that I really did love you so much and I would have given everything to be yours forever. I hope you have a good life and have everything you’ve ever wanted. I truly with you the best. Goodbye Anthony.

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