Is it me?

It really hurts when the man u love and “know” who love u dont “show” he love u.
He dont make love to u he don’t even kiss u good morning beautiful.
It hurts cuz it makes me feel like its me….or some other bit .
Then i think….o i can go get me a sl.
But i cant.
Am im asking for 2 much.
Should i be mad.
Do i have a 1 track mind?
I just wanna get fucked.
Im tired of playing with toys.
Its so embarrassing to talk to somebody about it.
Like he go days without fucking me.
He be like my stomach hurt or my back hurt….
Nigga that is what females supposed to say….
And this nigga 21….talking like this…
Making me feel less of a woman….
Im with a man u barely wants to touch me. What do i do?

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