Is it me?

It really hurts when the man u love and “know” who love u dont “show” he love u.
He dont make love to u he don’t even kiss u good morning beautiful.
It hurts cuz it makes me feel like its me….or some other b%%c& .
Then i think….o i can go get me a sl.
But i cant.
Am im asking for 2 much.
Should i be mad.
Do i have a 1 track mind?
I just wanna get f@#/<d.
Im tired of playing with toys.
Its so embarrassing to talk to somebody about it.
Like he go days without f*&%$g me.
He be like my stomach hurt or my back hurt….
Nigga that is what females supposed to say….
And this nigga 21….talking like this…
Making me feel less of a woman….
Im with a man u barely wants to touch me. What do i do?

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