It’s that time of year..

It’s winter in grand old North Dakota. Getting colder and colder and I just HATE seeing stray dogs and cats being left out in the cold. The other day me and my husband saw a dog roaming around the park and there were no people around to indicate that he had owners with him, so we called the police department so they could at least pick him up and bring him to the vet until an owner was found. At least he would be warm. 
Tonight on my way to work I saw a little calico cat. She’s got to be about 6 months, but still. Running back and forth from the gas station to the grocery store between busy roads just trying to keep warm under vehicles or out of the wind in the parking lots. I tried to get out and grab her but she wasn’t going to let me catch her and I didn’t have time to sit and gain her trust to get a hold of her. Plus, the police station hates taking them at night because they would have to babysit it at the station until 8am when the vet opens. Half the time they won’t take them from me because of that situation. 
I really hope she’s okay. It’s going to be in the negatives tonight and I hope she doesn’t freeze if she managed not to get run over.  I’m gonna see if I can find her in the morning after work and if I can find her and manage to grab her, I’ll then get the police to take her and bring her to the vet. They would only have to keep her for an hour then.
Fuck. Maybe I should put a cage kennel in the back of my vehicle and stock it with a litter box and food and water…well. maybe not water since it’ll freeze. But some blankets or something so if I see any I can keep them in the car that way they’ll be out of the wind at least and I can bring them to the police station after work. 
I wish people would help animals more. A lot of people just drive by or run them over and don’t have a second thought. No one wants to pull over and try grab them just to help them get warm. 
I’m too damn sensitive for this world. I cry when I see dead animals on the side of the road. Ugh. Almost all my animals were strays that I found and took in because no one would help them. Well, now I have 7 cats. Had a dog but tragically he was run over by a farmer. I can’t take anymore in because I have 7 now and that seems to be our limit as Flint is annoyed with the kittens. *sigh*
I know I can’t, but I always try to save them all. I hate knowing something is dying from abuse, cold or sickness. 

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