The bank

I have been trying to open a business bank account for the past 3 months whenever I get close something happens to knock me back. After being denied by other banks for no good reason. I finally found an online bank that would work with me. BOFI Federal. So I started sending over the information that they asked for. The only problem is I was not really sure what the information they wanted so I sent all the papers from my LLC 

which I just created two months ago. I thought I was good then they said your operating agreements are all employed. I for some reason thought everything is done as soon as the papers are filled with the state.  Not true. So I did some research filled it out the best I could and sent the papers in. The next day I got another message saying I needed to print out the application fill it out and send it back in. So I did again this was my first time ever filling out papers for a business bank account so naturally, I did it wrong so next day fix this one part. ok, so I printed it out changed it and sent it in. great now we will be waiting for this other papper.. this has been going on for the past 3 weeks. keep in mind I didn’t have a printer so when I got off work I would check my messages see what they wanted and then 2 hr after work rush back and use their printer. I ended up spaendin holloweean night printing scanning and filling out papers for the bank. I didn’t mind but I did feel bad for my girlfriend who was waiting at home to carve pumpkins.

Long story short I finally got everything filled and send in I did the phone interview and I should have my first business bank account ready to go. I know it sounds small but I like to celebrate the little wins in life without the small wins whats the point in life. I know sometime in the future I will look back on them and laugh at where I am today but I am living in the know. I Thank God for everything He has a plan and I don’t even know what it is yet.

 Chloe makes me smile.

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