Why Do People Get Mad At The Other Woman?

I’ve been noticing this a LOT.  Someone’s man/woman cheats on them with another woman, but it’s the girl that ‘stole’ your man that you get mad at. Why?
Why in the world are you mad at them? I mean, Yeah, it’s wrong to do it, but they are just looking out for themselves basically. They wanted something the guy/girl had and took it. 
Y’all should be mad at the person who cheated on you not the one who ‘stole’ them.  I mean, yeah you should be mad at them both, but shouldn’t you be more upset at the person you were with? 
I’ve seen this happen with some of my friends. One in particular. My friend Jade and her Boyfriend Aaron took a break because he did something to piss her off too far. Well, he moved out with another girl who was a friend and some other guy. And while he lived there he kept telling Jade how he wasn’t going to get with anyone else and he still loved her and they were going to take things slow and see what happens and they will get back together after awhile. 
Well…. My friend Jade…is not the brightest crayon in the box. This dude has cheated on her many times and she never believed anyone. Not even me and her man tried to get with me. Anyways. So the girl he was living with ended up pursuing Aaron or vice versa and Jade’s brother saw them holding hands at the store. (Go figure she believed him and not her supposed best friend) And she gets pissed at the girl.  Like, she calls the girl and asks if they are dating and the girl said she didn’t know. Jade asked if they had sex and the girl said yes so apparently that meant they were dating. Jade flipped shit and she wasn’t even mad at Aaron. She was mad at the girl who slept with her baby daddy. 
Like…. Why?  He told you that he was going to get back with you, but HE was the one who decided never mind..and fuck someone else. Soooooo why aren’t you mad at him?
Like I never fucking get it. Yeah the other woman slept with him and should know not to because they were together or saying they were trying to get back with their girlfriend. But…seriously. It’s the dudes fault. Why would you want the guy anyway even after they break up with the side chick or why would the side chick want the dude or girl if they break up with their significant other? I would think that if they made you the side chick and then left their spouse for you… I’m pretty sure that means they will end up doing the same to you down the road. 
Seen that happen too lol
I just don’t understand. Like, my husband a few months back invited his old fuck buddy to our house when I was at work. They didn’t do anything because apparently she was talking to her brother- who I went to school with- a good portion of the time and then Nathan got too drunk to do anything anyway. I mean. I trust Nathan completely, but after I saw there was two whiskey glasses on the table and there was a music still playing in the kitchen it was a little strange. I thought it was his cousin visiting before he left for Wiliston but when I saw his phone messages I saw it was Tess. Ohhhhhhhhh 
I tell you what. I wasn’t even mad at Tess. I was mad at Nathan for inviting a former fuck buddy to OUR HOUSE WITHOUT ME THERE.  Ugh. Just. Wanna punch him in the face, but I did scream at him and threaten to leave if something did happen. I mean Tess can’t keep a fuckin secret so I would have found out eventually if they did fuck. 
Well that took an odd turn aha. But I mean yeah. No point being mad at the other woman/man/whatever. Just my thoughts. I’ve been seeing this and hearing about this way too much lately so I just had to get it out lol

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