[113] ~*Wed – 11/08/17*~

[9:42 pm]

I didn’t have time to write last night cause we got home super late, it was around midnight. I normally only start work at 1 pm on Wed but today I had someone at 10 so I had to get to bed earlier last night. That said, I got home, watched Kevin Can Wait, read a bit and tried to sleep. 

I woke up at noon yesterday cause we had decided to leave at 1 pm to go meet my mom. Of course we were a little late leaving cause hub didn’t get up when the alarm went off and I snoozed for 15 mins. I was rushing to get ready and on top of that, the cats had puked everywhere so I had to clean that up. I also went by the garage just to see if they had done my car in the morning but they hadn’t so I told them I was going away for the day and would pick it up this morning. 

We finally left and got to town almost an hour late. We’re always late! We met mom at Swiss Chalet and ate. Of course after that we went to the lil Casino place and played until we had to leave for the movie. We saw A Bad Moms Christmas and it was so funny. I’m glad we drove to go see it with mom. Mom said she was more than likely gonna go see it again with her friend. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again myself. After the movie we went back to the Casino place and left to get back home at like 10:30 pm. 

When we were back home I asked hub to drive by the garage so I could check if they had done the work on my car. Bad idea! My car was moved so obviously they did bring it in but my summer tires were still on. Anxiety started! I got home and the garage had called but didn’t leave a message so I didn’t know what was wrong with the car. We figured maybe we grabbed the wrong tires which I needed to go check in the baby barn to see cause it was driving me crazy not knowing. I went to check and I remembered my tires had snowflakes and mittens on them so when I checked the tires, I couldn’t see any mits so I stressed as they were the right tires. Now what’s wrong with the car?! If it’s because my tires aren’t good anymore (which they should still be for at least another year) that’s not too bad I guess. I need to spend more money but at least it’s just the tires and not the car. So yea, of course between that and my tempered screen still bugging the hell out of me, I was doing a bit of anxiety. I just wish the garage could of left a message telling me what was wrong so then I would know as the not knowing was driving me crazy. 

Anyways, that was for yesterday. This morning I got up and was scared to ask hub about the car cause he was calling them to see why the tires weren’t changed. Not the right tires. What?! He said when they put the tire on it wasn’t fitting so I guess we did bring the wrong tires in the end. Arg! That’s good, nothing wrong with the car but still. So now I need to go back next week to get my tires changed. We need to label our tires. 

Now I just need to try to remove that dust under my screen but I’m so scared to make it worse but I need to try cause it’s driving me crazy. At worse I’ll buy a new glass but I hope I can manage cleaning this one. 

So for today, I spent my morning at the hospital with a client which was a bit of a mess, again. I was with her from 10-1 but when we got to the hospital her appointment was only at 1. They said they would try to take her early but of course that didn’t really work out so in the end I had to send another worker to replace me with my next client so I could stay with the one I was currently with. I then went to my second client, no one was home. It’s kinda weird as no one was home last week as well. I called the office which called the client’s mom but there wasn’t any answer. I waited my 15 mins and was leaving when the office called back to ask if I could go check at grandma’s to see if he was there. Blah! It’s not my job to run after a client but I did and he wasn’t there either. I had some time and didn’t wanted to come back home cause I knew I’d just end up going to bed to nap so I decided to go see if my friend was home and she wasn’t. I parked on the side of the road with the intention of reading cause I had almost two hours to wait but I spent the whole time setting things up on my phone. So my phone is pretty much all set up at my liking beside the few features I don’t seem to have on this one but nothing I can do about it. Now the only big thing that is still annoying the crap out of me is the damn dust under the glass. I keep reading online and I don’t know what to do anymore. Some people say you can fix it and others says you can’t. I guess the only way to find out is to try but I don’t know when I want to try it as I’m scared to screw it up even more. I keep telling myself that at the very worst I can always buy another glass. I wanted to go to the cheaper place but they might have a different one than the one I have and I like it cause it’s really smooth. On the other hand, I don’t like it cause it doesn’t go all the way to the edges of the phone so there’s a space between the glass and the case which dust keeps getting in. I tell ya, I can’t be satisfied. So for now I shall wait and see what I do. I’m trying to get used to the dust but I’m having a really hard time.

Anyways, gas is going up tomorrow so I went out and put some gas in both cars. So much money! Hub made us supper which was very nice. I’m tired and would want to go to bed right now but I still have to do the dishes, at worse it can wait tomorrow but I need to get the garbage ready and put them to the road.

It’s basically 10 pm so I should prob watch a show or two and get going with the garbage and maybe the dishes depending on how I feel.




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