a letter to all females who are “the other woman”

dear sadistic slut,

first of all, what kind of a disgusting, pathetic, sadistic bitch are you? 

you go after HER man because you can’t get one of your own? 

just because you let him put it anywhere and he takes advantage of your whorish nature doesn’t mean he actually loves you. he will never love you. you’re a passing amusement. you mean nothing to him. you might as well be any other whore on earth because its not you or your personality that he’s after. he just wants to be a scum bag cheater. 

if he’s handsome, guess what bitch. you’re not the only slut he fucks. you’re probably like #4. which means get ready for the STD vaccines.

and no matter the circumstances,you’re a sad excuse for a “woman”. i hope she finds out and kicks your ass, and then you realize that he will NOT defend you. because at the end of the day, just because you’re his cum dumpster doesn’t mean he belongs to you. he belongs to her. and he will defend her before he ever defends a slut like you.


sincerely, the female population (that aren’t whores).

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