Let’s call you petal

I broke up with my boyfriend not too long ago, earlier this year. We didn’t last long, but we lasted long enough for the elusive “L” word to be said aloud. I wouldn’t say it was a bad break up, definitely the easiest one I’ve had. If I’m being honest, we should have broken up long before it actually happened. Not that we were bad for each other, we were just not meant to be. And because of that we always fought and then we got fed up so it ended. No biggie. 


Any ways, I’m not here to write about him. About a month after our break up, or less if I’m being completely honest, his best friend messaged me… let’s call him “Petal”. Petal contacted me to repair his jacket (I sew), but it was a poorly veiled attempt to see me. When I met up with him that first time, I assessed the jacket blah blah and we actually started talking for hours. I didn’t even notice the time. So we parted ways and he messaged me asking if we could do that again. Well, I tried to convince myself that it was nothing and it was for the first few times we hung out. And one time things were getting intimate, we cuddled and Petals had wandering hands, so I said, “Uhhhhh, no. That’s not a good idea.” To which he replied, “Why aren’t you over _____? You wouldn’t get back together with him right? Because I know for a fact he never wants to see you again.” I was silent for a while and I said, “Don’t you feel bad? He’s your best friend. MY connection to him is cut, but you cant still hurt him.” His smart ass response was, “How would he find out? Would you tell him? I wouldn’t.” 

Well obviously not. Dufus. Nothing happened that night. But the next time I saw him, there was kinda no denying we were attracted to each other. So….

I became that girl, the one who sleeps with her ex’s best friend. 


stay tuned for more stupid decisions. 

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