4: NO

Falling asleep is easy but waking up with clear mind is too difficult. It’s draining me inside. There’s so many things going in my head that I can’t even grasp even one and its terrible. I want to know or maybe just forget. How I wish I can wake up at a different place at a different time and at a different situation. But will it change anything? Will I feel more successful? Will I feel more love or in love? Will I feel more energize and refresh? Will I finally know what I want? Will it satisfy me?  NO. I know it won’t change me and because of that nothing will ever change but wishing sometimes helps. 


2 thoughts on “4: NO”

  1. Hi, I know exactly how you feel. You can wake-up in a different world, different things, life with a smile, success filled with love. It’s a journey you need to take with Jesus, trust, believe and faith. I know words is easy, but life must bend in front of you, obey you. Regards

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