Today, I have decided that I’m going to write some of my biggest secrets down because keeping them in is killing me and if my family find out ill most like be neglected and yeah. So I have two secrets that I’m going to share with you today. Secret no.1 is called Ethan and secret no.2 is called John


So I’m a teenager , and Ethan (secret no.1) is 17 almost 18. He is my boyfriend and he’s sweet however he doesn’t love me, and he lives too far . But yolo so I said id give I’m a chance . My parents have no idea he exists and my friends think we broke up ages ago.


Moving on , John (secret no.2 ) is also … my boyfriend . He’s 22 and I will never be able to tell anyone about him because of the age difference . He lives really close and its easy to meet up . He’s so cute and sweet and I’m in love with his accent , its beautiful! just like him ! he’s fit and has amazing cheekbones . He means a lot to me , he really does.


I guess i’ve told you 3 secrets . Ethan ,Joh and that I’m two timing . not to mention I’m also onnit with another lad i’ve recently started talking to . Make that 4 secrets . Of course , no one is trust worthy these days which Is why its easier to tell people you don’t know . But , the only person I can tell is my bestfriend ( nicknamed sidechick) her name is Seila and she is everything to me . She knows everything that happens in my life . Well, almost everything . She doesn’t know about  me writing these journal things . She doesn’t know I’m … lets call it …. three timing … for now on three timing will be called tripleing  Just cuz that’s a lot faster.

Don’t share my secrets with anyone , or do . The point of a secret is to keep it . If you have a secret don’t tell anyone because trust me .. sooner or later, it’ll get out and ruin your life.

                                              Bye bitches,


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