Smart little Devil

So this cat I’ve been trying to catch for the past two nights is a smart little thing. I think it’s a girl because it’s a calico/tortoise shell(with white). She has already recognized my vehicle and will take off when she see’s me because she knows I am trying to catch her. I spent close to an hour just trying to get near her or try to get her to come to me.  Even with food she wants nothing to do with me. She tries very hard to avoid me. Goes back and forth to other blocks to evade me lol
But tonight I did feed her at least. I had some left over chicken from dinner and in case I saw her I brought it with and the pet carrier and blankets and cat food, but she’s smart. She doesn’t want to be caught, but I’m going to keep at this until I can get her to trust me a little bit. Or even just keep feeding her at least…I don’t think I could set a live trap anywhere by those places since I’m sure someone would take it or get rid of it while I’m at work and I don’t exactly want her to sit out in negative degree weather for hours while I’m at work if she’s ends up in it. I’ve thought of it, but I’m more worried about her safety while she’s in it and who knows how long she would be in it before I checked, since It would be at least 4 hours or so before a break and then 4 hours after that. 
I have too good of a heart for a cruel world. I don’t want animals to starve or to get hurt or freeze. -sigh- maybe tomorrow.

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