Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017 Home @ DESK

Today I could barely drag my ass out of bed. I couldn’t sleep last night and so was up late watching Ozark.

Had detained court all day with MEM. Actually wasn’t too bad today. Went to KT for lunch and Gabe came to meet me for second and we both had a good laugh about how neither of us has showered for a few days and we both stink.

After work I ran to the courthouse to get my payment form signed by AH.  LB was there. Fuck that bitch. 

Came home for a bit, then I went to have dinner at Brazen Head.  It’s been a minute since I’ve been there.  I was walking back to my car and passed by a new, used-clothing store. I went in and bought two jackets and two pair of boots evern though I totally cant’ afford them rn. 

Then I went grocery shopping at NG. Ran into CT and JG. That was awesome. We had some good laughs.  Just came home and put the groceries away. Feeling pretty miserable. Sad, angry, lonely, hopeless.  Big ole sad face emoji.

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