Wednesday November 8 2017

Well. it’s been a good week and a half since I returned home and thankfully, in this time, I spent no less than six glorious days with Sarah and finally met Charlie, Koby and Eliza as well as Sue which all went swimmingly well.  It was the best decision to come home early.  Had I not done so, I would have returned this morning and been somewhat jet lagged about this time which would have been not much fun at all.  It also would have meant that I would have gone a full four weeks without Sarah.  Unimaginable when I think of it.  I should have shortened my trip in September like my instincts told me but I thought I would be able to last the distance.  Again, how wrong was I?

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself because everything Sarah and I touch turns to the most immaculate shades of gold.  We feel so close to each other now.  We have become not just lovers but best friends as well.  Every moment we spend together seems to vanish in a haze as I found out again this morning when I boarded the train to work.  I know it’s only two sleeps before we are back together but it seems two sleeps too many at this moment in time.  

I arrived home after 55 hours of transit on the Sunday and we went home to enjoy three and half glorious days together.  Each day faded into the next which made it feel somewhat blissful and relaxing.  We made love a lot, ate plentiful amounts of food and squeezed in a couple of films on the couch.  Wednesday afternoon arrived far too quickly for my humble liking.  

Yesterday we went for lunch at the local and watched the Melbourne Cup together.  I wasn’t particularly interested in the race because my attention was towards Sarah and her delicious smile.  The more time we spend together, the harder I find it to push my glances anywhere but towards her.  I’ve even manager to coerce her into tagging along to a few of my movies.  Last night we saw Bad Moms 2 and Sarah chose to wear a long dress with no underwear and I managed to spend a little time exploring some naughty areas that some would deem inappropriate for a cinema.  We went home, smoked a couple and made love in the most intense way possible.  

Come to think of it, last week and this week have been much the same.  Here’s hoping to next week following the same pathway!

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