I’m so tired, my body feels if it has ran a for miles. My vision seems to blur at the sides, my hearts grows heavier as I breath. When she started complaining about how slow I was going and how wrong I was doing it I could’t force a fake sympathetic smile on my face, I couldn’t even breath a word. She doesn’t care what i have to say, and i don’t care at the moment as to what she has to complain about now. The only one who asks if i’m alright is my father, but he doesn’t understand. This feeling of always being exhausted because of everyone’s judgement is not something i can outright say. It’s embedded deep inside me and won’t leave. And now as i log all these things down the tears are hot and fresh.My throat feels like it can’t swallow enough. Everything seems pointless all the time. What is it worth? To live this life? To be judged for every dam thing i do. I CAN’T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER! I’ve gone to the doctors before and they’ve said there’s nothing wrong with my physical health, but i want to scream at the. “OF COURSE NOT! I’M MENTALLY ILL! AND NO ONE CAN HELP ME!” I hate days like these, because it makes hiding my pain so much harder.

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