Nov. 9, 2017 – Today’s Gift from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

Just the Two of Us

Our wedding was beautiful and so were the vows. Till death do us part was our promise. But our child’s addiction is like a chainsaw, hacking away at our union-cutting apart a bond meant to last forever. It is destroying the foundation on which our family is built.

In the day-to-day survival-during the prolonged hideousness of this fight-we’ve lost sight of one other. We’ve lost sight of what matters. We no longer reach out to each other when we hurt. Instead, like wounded animals, we withdraw, trying to heal ourselves as we sit, alone, in dark corners. We snap and growl at each other like beasts. I don’t know what happened to the best friends we used to be.

But it is our child’s addiction we need to fight, not each other. So, like folding away the wings of a kite, I will tuck away the tension between us so it can’t catch the wind. No matter what happens during the day, I will say I love you when I say goodnight.

May we shine with love, kindness, and encouragement toward ourselves and each other every day.
Lynn Dailey

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