To my best friend

Oh how time changes people. 

How everyone grows and moves through life so swiftly, calmly at their own pace.
Oh god, I miss some people that were in my life for so long but gone the next although I am not mad, maybe a little sad but understanding; for those memories, those moments I have had with each individual I will hold forever in my heart. Those moment, memories & lessons learnt I am also growing, the good; the bad but no regret.
I am writing this because I no longer have a person in my life. Someone so important, their influence in my life has helped me become person I am today. 

I am no longer sad but more grateful then ever.
I do miss her & wonder everyday how she is or what she is doing but I do not doubt for a moment it is something phenomenal or good for her soul, for her soul is pure light. 

So full of love, compassion & worth, so much worth.
She is calm, collected, strong hearted and willed & will not let anyone bring her down.
Sometimes I do wonder, did I ever bring her down?
Was I not important anymore?
But then again in a way I have answered my own question… People grow and move on, sometimes without saying goodbye but I’d rather understand within my own time and hers, rather than her tell me.
I miss her but I am also so proud of her. I do not hate nor am mad that we no longer speak, I just want her too know that no matter what happens in life I will always be here for her.
Any day, any time or place, regardless of how long it has been since we have last spoken, I will always & forever be there no matter what. 

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