To the Guy who will marry Her

To the guy who will marry her…

Her pregnancy may be unplanned, but never unwanted.

Her age may not be ideal for her to bear and raise a child, but her daughter’s life makes it ideal for her.  

Being with her will never be easy, as her life, even “she”, herself, is complicated.

She was rejected and turned down how many times in her life, but trying will always be her option.

Be patient with her, as she is hard to understand.

Her actions might let you feel she doesn’t care, but she is actually one of the most caring and thoughtful person you’ll ever know.

She wants you to know that prioritizing her and her baby girl FIRST won’t change the fact that you are a good son and a brother.

Yes, she will let you go out with your friends; all you have to do is “ask”; but don’t feel bad when she said “NO”. She might want to spend some time with you.

Be sensitive and take her out when you feel she wants to do so. She will more appreciate it when you plan a date with her and her daughter. Do not wait for her to ask. Let her feel you want to spend time with them.

You can drink and enjoy, but don’t be unpleasant to her when you get drunk. Never curse and hurt her. Respect her the way you respect your mother.

Be considerate when she’s not feeling well. Cancel your plans even if she said YES. She might still want you to just stay at home.

When you say SORRY, mean it. Never make that word an excuse to do the same mistake next time.

She can give you ALL the chances you want, as long as you still deserve it; but never abuse it. It might be the LAST ONE.

She can still trust you even if you fail her how many times, but toleration doesn’t have a permanent place in her life, so know your limitations.

She gives everything when she loves, that’s why when things didn’t go well, she’s the most damaged one.  

She wants you to love her daughter as much as you love her.

Make her feel safe and secure, as you just found a KEEPER.

To that guy.., if you think she’s not all of these things, then YOU ARE NOT THAT GUY.

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