One more day

one step closer every day. when I first started on my journey to be the owner of a million dollar business I really could not see how I would be able to accomplish so much for a week I tried to learn all these new goals and cram as much knowledge  as I could into one day and at the end, I would look back and see that I really did a whole lot of nothing. after a few months of running in circles not making up my mind, my amazing wonderful Alexis helped me to realize I needed to focus on one task complete that task and move on. At first, I was reluctant but even as stubborn as I am I decided to do it her way. I thought this will never work. We wrote down what needs to be done from important and less important. As the tasks got crossed off I noticed a great feeling of accomplishment  even though they were menial  I realized that it could be turned into a game see how much we can get done never skipping a task but putting all focus on that goal its been a few months since we started and I will say SHE WAS RIGHT !! Good thing too because I was getting nothing done. So if some one has a deffrint idea try it you might be supprized  

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