boys should be held responsible for their actions.

My first entry and i’m christening it by writing about my failed dick appointment. woohoo! I hope the guy with the small dick who walked out on me because i couldn’t make him cum reads this and understand he ain’t shit. I mean jesus take some viagra baby boy. Lets go back to mid november 2016 when (lets call the guy “small feet” because you know what they say about men with big feet 😉 ) “small feet” saw me at Woolie ( was grocery shopping) and i guess he snooped around and got hold of my name and stuff to which led him adding me on facebook. We had some mutual friends so i figured he was an ex-student at my school. We talked for almost every day during the remaining weeks of 2016. 

January, 15th 2017, we met at this place behind a park. I know a lil scary but at that time i was wild. Wild for adventures, it was almost as if i lost myself and became this chick who was meeting strangers and kissing them on the first meet. Anyway we met and let me tell you that small feet wasn’t what i expected. Online he portrays himself to be confident and outgoing but in reality he’s so insecure. He doesn’t like showing it but you can’t fool me. It’s almost as if he’s stuck back in 2014 with those black jeans and jumpers when it’s 50 degrees outside. wyd man. 

We kissed – obviously. Its wasn’t that bad but i wished he was more good looking. I hate to be admitting me but when i went down on him i was totally thinking about the hot relief teacher for english. Whoops. 

Its now october 2017 and today we met again. He came to mine and when i opened the door i realised how silly i truly was. I mean ive never been attracted to him. I just liked the attention he gave me. Him? he was just in it for the racy pics and the physical bits. He disgusts me. I mean pimpled face? ugly haircut with no form? Everything thats not on my list. I know i’m no queen B or anything but shit now i get why his ex girl cheated on him. 

Anyways he didn’t stay for long. He came only for one thing and that was a blow job. I’ll give him props for being honest but damn b, dinner first 😛 

I’ll spare the details but boys please kiss a woman before demanding her to just go on her knees. like hello? chivalry anyone? 

But girlllll that man loooked like he was premature. I mean where the rest at tho?? He blamed me not having enough skills because he couldn’t get off. Like bruh that uncut peepee looked like straight up a mushroom. A not very yummy one. 

Another thing i wanted to add. Small feet said i ‘ wasn’t being  enthusiastic’ – like yo why should i be enthusiastic about your failed boner or the fact that you can’t satisfy a girl.

Like ladies, one thing ive learned is that if you’re not attracted to that man, you’ll never enjoy giving him a blowjob. Like you’ll just not be in the mood and he’ll think you really suck but jokes on you small feet. Like even the way his mouth looked like while he was talking got me swinging. Wild. 

Ps Excuse any typos – i cbf editing. 

Till later B 


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