Dreaming for 8 months.

At 7pm on a chilly November night, I was sitting in my bed thinking of you. It all started with a kiss in the parking lot of my job and lead to many wonderful memories. That warm fuzzy feeling and endless laughter. From sharing secrets to playing video games together. I remember you holding me in your arms and spinning me around in the swimming pool. We looked ridiculous in front of all your neighbors, but I didn’t care because I loved you. You were the only thing in sight. No longer was I paying any mind to my peripherals. We used to get high every Sunday morning and go eat Waffle House. You taught me how to play ping-pong and I helped you stop being so hard on yourself. I was your longest relationship and you were my first intimate best friend. For a while, I was the girl that you would drop any and everything for. Everyone loved us together. You always had my back and I always had yours. I remember how you ate mustard on almost every little thing, and how you always yelled when you were playing Rocket League..you still won’t admit that you’re just pretty bad at that game. 😛 I loved the way you always laughed when I made rude remarks like that. You knew I was joking. You always understood me and I never had to explain myself to you. I loved the way you would spend a while observing when you saw something that caught your eye, like the stars for instance. I loved how even months after being together, when we went out to eat we would just stare at each-other bashfully instead of ordering our food. We always needed a little extra time because we couldn’t get over how thankful we were for each other. You told me you loved me a million times a day and I believed you. On August 8th, a few days after your 23rd birthday, I woke up. It was then that I realized I had only been dreaming for 8 months. It was then when you left me out of the blue, that I realized that not everything is what it seems to be. Even the sturdiest structures can crumble in an instant. After 3 long months of being in a daze… I am finally myself again. I wish you no harm. I will never hate you. I don’t seek revenge. Thanks for the memories. 

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