Is it inconsiderate or am I not being flexible?

I’m in tears. Why? Because I watch as people’s lives move on and change while mine is at a complete standstill. My sister is about to buy the SUV *I* wanted… I’ve wanted it for years but before my injury, I was so busy saving for a house and trying to be responsible that I didn’t. My best friend is looking into buying a new-ish lifted truck… The thing I’ve wanted most in life for years but didn’t because of my commute. There was always a reason why I didn’t do things and now I wish I had… Just bought the truck, gone on that vacation, hiked more, etc. It isn’t all bad, i’m closer to family now and get to watch my nieces grow up. I have the opportunity to attend volleyball games and pumpkin carving nights and family dinners… But all that aside, since I am “disabled” now, it’s as if people think my time doesn’t matter, that I don’t have anything to do… What’s tugging at my heart right now is that my niece is struggling as she goes through the learning experiences of being a freshman in high school. She’s trying to find herself and has made a mistake or two in the process. That being said, I was told last week that she could come have a sleepover tomorrow. I have looked forward to it and turned down other things all week because I thought she was coming over. I was looking forward to it being the highlight of my weekend… But I just talked to my sister and she tells me she isn’t sure she’s able to come over because she is grounded to her room. So… Why wasn’t I informed? This didn’t JUST happen. I feel disregarded. As if my time isn’t valuable so they didn’t bother letting me know. It bothers me because this happens time and time again. A few weeks ago we were supposed to head out to a wine bar. I asked her all week if it was still the plan and got no answer. I asked her 4 times that day and finally gave up. And it isn’t just my sister but other people, too. I am capable of making other plans. I have other things to do. And in the event we’re keeping our plans, it takes me ALL DAY to get ready so I need to know… So why do they feel it’s okay to just blow me off or wait til the last second to tell me? I am so frustrated and THAT is the reason I am in tears. It’s also been “one of those days” where everything has gone wrong so I am sure that isn’t helping… *Sigh* 

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