roller coaster

You know what a roller coaster is?

laughing uncontrollably to crying uncontrollably to a moderate mood.

I didn’t cry the last time i wrote here on my previous account that  i want to cry, its hard for me to cry. sometimes, i cry forcefully n in anger. that was sort of the case today. but also i couldn’t get the exact moment when i started crying. It was not a big thing,these things happen in my culture.I was just sitting with a straight face and the tears were flowing. Then i went to lie down n went to sleep for two hours,waking up in moderate mood. 

did my system and signals h.w. numericals, now sitting here writing this. and listening to a song that reminds me of a song that was something like “now,i will meet u in the world of stars” i remember being obsessed with that song. 

today was off from uni cuz of some processions. i tried so hard to study ccn after getting up but i couldnt, was able to do only 2 slides. then i made tortillas n ate food then the drama ensued n then..

well, right now im on a break n thinking to make erd of of my web project n discuss the database with my project partner

My next 2 days are gonna be wasted cuz i have to go on a wedding. Oh and how i can  forgot the pimple that i got 3 hours ago! how do they know that an important event is coming up. they appear out of no where on important events! what to do to make it go away. I hope it just goes away. 

I am wearing red and brown tomorrow n a white dress i have on the reception that is on Sunday. what has me worried is im gonna be wearing heels but i have no experience. the last time i wore heels was i guess 9 months ago, on my friend’s wedding. and i was great pain. my feet hurt so bad. now, im thinkin what i will do tomorrow and day after tomorrow. i hope it all goes well. gonna try and keep sitting most of the time.

I dont even wanna gooo  but my whole family is going as its a close wedding :/ ,ill have to go!

and from here too.



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