We should all thank the lord everyday. We should be thankful for our health. This is something that I never really gave much thought to. When the person you love more than anything in the world is sick like really sick. Then everything gets put into perspective. Could you imagen falling in love with someone spending every day with them and after 6 years together they start getting sick and then even sicker? You will try and help them you will do everything in your power to save them. And in doing so you will push them away you will try and force them to accept your ideas and if you go too far you will lose them. Witch only makes you feel powerless you are not a healer, you are a regular person you don’t have the cure or the magic solution there is no magic solution. there is nothing you can do. ..

 Or is there? What I found seems to be the best is be there. Be your self. Have patents. Be the best friend you always were. be better, pray often and pray outloud. hold there hand when they need it kiss her to show you care to be as sweetest and cherish every day you spend together especially the good ones. And as scared you are for them imagen how terrified they are. 

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