The sun

At night I see the shooting stars… and I see his eyes. The moon comes out and gives light to the dark as does his smile. The sun rises and sets with the sound of his voice. I love him so much it hurts. I hate him so much for being himself… so wonderful. There’s no-one comparable. There’s no-one as special. There’s no-one that holds more of me than Mr Buttons. I miss him so very much. I hate myself for allowing myself to love someone so completely. 

Father God… you know my thoughts and my true hearts intentions. Everything I am is because you have brought me. You know this love I have in my heart. Help me to understand what to do with it. Help me not to hurt… take my hurt away. Give me peace. Be with Mr Buttons. Give him exactly what he needs and show him what u have shown me… Give to him what he needs to succeed. 

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