Dream 11/11/17

It was a daytime. I was in a picnic area with a fugitive man. We were surrounded by other people enjoying the nice warm day out. We were sitting at the picnic table right next to a lake. I noticed a huge beautiful bird soaring in the sky. The wings of the bird were wide and had big long white feathers attached to a brown colored center. The tail of the bird was beautiful and long as well, the mix of different shapes of feathers. The bird mesmerized me, I was wondering what kind of bird it is, whether it was Phoenix or not. Then the bird started to land on the roof of a 5-6 story building that I didn’t notice before. When she was landing I noticed that it was actually a 10-11 y/o girl. Her mother and little sister (around 6-7 y/o) were waiting for her on the roof. Mother was telling her youngest daughter “That’s how you fly”. Then they started to climb down the building and were gone. The dream continued, something that had to do with the fugitive man, but I no longer remember the details.

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