I Bought A Zoo and Thankful I Did

Each day I wake up and try to pick one memory of my wife to thank God for during my time in prayer with Him.  I ask Him to help me keep that memory close at hand, and help me recall that memory when I need it most through the day.  One of my memories this week was all the animals we had during our 12 years of marriage.

See as a child my wife didn’t have pets.  After we were married we were shopping at Petsmart and it suddenly was revealed to my wife that she could have pets.  Over the next several years we had dogs, cats, rabbits, turtle, fish, frogs, tadpoles, geckos, bearded dragons, suger gliders, birds, and hamsters.  Yes I could have opened my own pet store.

Out of all the pets we had, her dogs were by far the favorite.  Of course I had a dog when we first married.  He was a lab, newfoundland, and chow mix, and the sweetest thing you would ever meet.  Of course he wasn’t really a lap dog, although he thought he should be, so my wife wanted a small dog of her own.  So we got our first chihuahua.  After a couple of years, the dog passed away.  My wife was devastated.  I thought I would give it a few months and would see about getting her another one.  That didn’t really pan out to well for me.  After 2 weeks I was purchasing another chihuahua.  2 weeks after that another chihuahua, about 8 months after that another chihuahua, and well you get the picture.  After it was all said and done we had a pack of chihuahuas.  6 in total.  My mom even made the comment once, “why does anyone need 6 dogs?”  I began questioning my own sanity.  What was I thinking?  6?  Have I totally lost my mind?  

Well since the passing of my wife, my eyes have been opened to why we ended up with 6 chihuahuas.  Of course each has their own personality.  But what I have found out is that each has a different way of showing their love to me, and each way reminds me of my wife.  The oldest dog, Baylee, will rush to give me a kiss, then quickly just wants to sit beside me and not be noticed.  This is how my wife would be if we were around people she didn’t know.  A quick peck on the cheek and then just kind of sit beside me and hope no one noticed her.  Canga, will jump up on my lap and will paw my hand to pet her.  Once I stop she again will paw my hand to begin again.  If that doesn’t work she gets a little more demanding and will begin pawing at my face.  My wife would have moments where I should be showing her attention all the time, and I was to keep giving her that attention until she tired of it.  Dakota is my snuggle buddy.  Each night when we crawl into bed, she is the last one to get under the covers.  And he isn’t going far, she lays right next to me with her head on my arm after she snuggles into my neck.  My wife loved to snuggle into my neck at night.  Eramore loves her belly rubbed, and wants to be held all the time.  She will go under the covers at night and then crawl onto my chest and just lay there.  My wife loved to lay her head on my chest at night and wrap her arms around me.  Digit wants to cuddle before I even get into bed.  As soon as I am layed down, she will lean up against me, lay her head on me.  After a minute she is done and will head under the covers.  My wife often would snuggle next to me for a few minutes then roll over to go to sleep.  Then finally you have Galaxy.  She loves to steal pillows.  I will be laying there asleep and feel this weight pushing on my head, and will raise my head and she is basically laying on my head.  I cannot count how many times I would wake up with no pillow, blanket, or bed to lay for that matter, because my wife had stolen them.  

So the reason we ended up with 6 chihuahuas is because it gave me 6 different reminders of the ways my wife and I showed our love for each other.  

So each morning, as I pray and spend time with God, I will play the song “Thank You Lord, For Your Blessings On Me.”



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