Loyal to Pain

it’s happening. the ground rattles and the sky is empty. 

whispers and looks. they’re back to haunt me. i’m older but the pain is reborn, strong and enough to kill. it will kill this time. there will be no opening or mercy. the gates will be shut and the eyes will be frightened. i’m about to unleash my 8-year-old horror. 

running away? i can’t say it didn’t cross my mind to do so. but in that case, there will be no where for me to go, to run and hide. 

so, this time, i’m standing. just in front of the storm. the one i smelled two days before it flourished. 

and it hurts. 

it’s gonna break and burn and destroy everything. me and everyone around me. every single beautiful thing i had. 

so, no more acting. no more talking. no more friends. 

the darkness after the storm will be mine. i won’t allow anybody to share it with me. 

let it happen and i am not gonna pray. 

god can’t do anything about it. 

they call it destiny.  


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