My prayer for today.

 Father…i read in your word where it says that those who are obedient to the Son will have eternal life. Today… Help me to have open ears and a willing heart… to be obedient? Not just for the day… but for my life. I want to be with U in this life and the next. 

Today… Give Mr Buttons exactly what he needs. Hold him in your arms and let him know just how much he is loved by me and You. Strengthen him beyond his own expectations. Increase his faith in you and wrap him in your wings of protection. Reunite us soon…i miss him.

Today… be with Noah and olyvia. Let them more they are loved and bring them home to you. Let them remember what they were taught. Teach them anew. 

I love you… and thank you for the temporary home on this earth that you are about to provide for me. 

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