The last Friday

Every week we all can’t wait until Friday. We labor hard at work so we can enjoy two days for rest. Our system is designed to keep you working nearly every day from the time we graduate school till you are nearing the end of your life. makes you wonder if at some point people were studied to see how many days you could get us to work without a break. and 5 to 6 days was the max before diminishing returns. they want you to think you own your time. You can do what you please with the 3 to 4hrs before bedtime every night.  But Why? Could there be a better system? I am not sure but what I do know is that school as we know it teaches you not to be ready. I understand we must learn the basics but how about the most important skills like buying a house negotiating a better salary, Money managment. O and here is a big one the danger of credit card debt. Nope, they teach a who lot of nothing and the kids are expected to learn. 

Go to college thats what you heard since you were old enough to rember. Thats great and how will you Pay for that? That’s easy get a loan you will be making so much money after college you can easly pay it back with your new job.    LOL

You should be learning everything you can with every precious moment you have. If you do a day will come when you no longer have to trade dollars for hrs again.

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