[116] ~*Sun – 11/12/17*~

[10:49 pm]

So last night I was ready to go back to bed at not even 6 pm. I was tired! I did the dishes but didn’t clean the suggies cage cause it’s dark so early that they were up before my back stopped hurting. I don’t understand this time change cause it’s pitch black at like 5:30 pm. It’s just crazy! In the end I stayed up and watched shows the whole evening and also took an hour long bath. I think I fell asleep in there cause I woke up and it was super cold. I had planned on going to bed early as I was still tired during the day but ended up going past midnight.

This morning I was tired and running late for work. Work was a real hell and the manager won’t be happy tomorrow cause the store looks horrible. I basically wasn’t able to be on the floor at all and spent the day on cash as it was super busy. I don’t understand why people go crazy the day before and after a Holiday. We made three times what we normally make on a Sun today. At least it made the day go fast.

I took a nice bath but not as long as last night cause it was still warm when I got out. I’m currently washing my bras cause they’re pretty much all dirty. A few days ago I bought new ones and now I’m worried I wasted $150. A lil while back I had myself sized for the heck of it although it was a terrible experience and the girl said I was a cup lower than what I normally get. To me it didn’t make any sense at all cause seems like my breast are all over the place in a smaller size. On the other hand, the size I currently wear can seem a lil big at times. The thing is, my right breast is quite bigger than the left one so it’s hard to pick a size as one seems too small and the other too big. Anyways, I always went with what I normally wear but when I bought my new ones I decided to go with what I was told and go for the smaller size. I think it might of been a mistake. I felt that my breast kept popping out today. I bought two different kinds of bras so hopefully the other kind won’t feel this way but yea, I’m disappointed. I will need to go somewhere else in the future and get myself resized just to see. I kinda sized myself at home just now and to me, I’m what I used to wear so I don’t know. I just don’t want to have wasted all this money on the wrong size. Hopefully it will be alright. I know they always stretch after a while but how long will it take. Blah! I just can’t seem to do anything right.

Anyways, I have one last show to watch and I’ll be all caught up for the week. Woohoo! I should prob get to that as it’s already 11 pm and I want to be asleep before 1 am. I’m just really annoyed because of my new bras. Gaw! Why do things always bother me this much. I’ll wear it again tomorrow and shall see. I won’t wear the other ones right away so then I might try to sell them on Kijiji or something as they will still have the tags on them.




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