Day 623, 624 & 625 – Feeling better & family

Friday, November 10, 2017

This day wasn’t super great, but not bad either. I was still in a crappy mood.

School went by as usual, nothing interesting happened, except for the early Rememberance Day we did.

At home I worked on my portfolio a little bit more and then relaxed by playing Pokémon.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Today was better.

I had my portfolio class and I finished another drawing. I realised afterwards that I felt much better, because I knew my portfolio was getting done. I’m pretty sure that’s the primary source of why I’m feeling down often.

Anyhow, I played some Pokémon at home for a bit before going to my grandmother’s house. 

What’s really fun is that my cousin is a furry, and as one myself (although I don’t really participate much in events, I’m more just subscribed to some furry YouTubers and enjoy looking at some fursona creations), I’m glad I have someone I can talk about it to. I think he’s glad as well, since he showed me a shirt he bought which was really cute and we talked about the convention he went to. He invited me to go next year as well. It sounds like fun! Oh, and he also showed me his fursona. He got a commission for it and it’s really cute!

On the same note, I feel like I don’t have as much as a good connection with my cousins’ than I used to. It seems I have one with the oldest again cause of discovering we’re both furries, but the youngest not so much. I’m not sure what to talk about with her. Next time I should try finding a common ground. But other than that, it was nice talking to the family. My grandmother hasn’t seen us in a while so she decided to host this event.

At home I went on my phone a bit before going to bed.

Sunday, November 12, 2017 

Today was okay.

Went to church and then at home I didn’t do all that much. I played Pokémon quite a bit and was generally bored throughout the day. I tried doing some French work and write a short story, but I didn’t have any ideas of what to write.

Finished watching S2 of Stranger Things and I really loved this season 😀

That’s all for today.

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