Negative Spirit Attachment

Never ending chatter
From the radio box
Be careful
To what station you listen
Between them lies
Zones of nightmares
Don’t get caught 
Being reckless with that dial

I warn you
Voices will resurrect 
Hieronymus Bosch …….
Images in your mind

Medieval doors will open
And swallow you
Like a canary

You won’t be immune 
Your incense will only choke
The house plants
And leave you with thorns
That will pierce you
In your lack of sleep

A sudden doomsday
Will engulf you
And only you
On your morning commute
To the world you once knew

Don’t play Russian Roulette 
With the radio……friend
There are things in the ether
We could never comprehend

They stir and they see
With invisible eyes
And they recognize
The trusting soul

That would give them the key
To the chamber of thoughts
That lies within thee


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