What are problems. Are problems real? Some would say yes they are very real but are they Real? What if a problem is only a problem because of the rules we have set up in our head. What if as soon as we change our perspective the problem becomes a blessing. for the past 6 months or so I have been doing an exercise. It’s an easy exercise it takes no physical movement no money and anyone can do it however it does take some patents and the ability to step back in the heat of the moment and examine your thoughts. 

Let’s say you were working really hard trying to open a business bank account and every time you tried something would stop you. you would call and they strangely not return your call. you would try and go to the bank but every day the week you worked overtime which is extremely rare in this example. and finally, you went on a Saturday when the bank said it was open only to find it was closed. That happened to me for about 2 weeks and every time would not get mad a would laugh and say ok good what are you trying to show me. sometimes you don’t know what God has in store for you but you can believe that whatever it is its worth the wait. For the next month, i would try and try again to open a bank until finally, I realized … 

wait why am I writing to my self and who even wants to know the rest of the story lol 

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  1. Yes, thank you. we should all try and look at what we are doing and why.

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