Private Life of a House of Five (Jax) Sore bodies

Sir has started a new program for the house and I’m already loving it! Sir is really strict about the house rules, where to go, what to do, say, what to eat, and what to drink, but in the end it’s all worth it. Once you get used to things, it’s really not so bad here. Now, he’s started a strict workout program that’s really putting us to the test!

Not too much has changed in our daily routine. We all get up at the same time an exact 7:00 AM. Shower, yes we all have our own individual bathrooms, so there’s no fighting about who goes first. Make ourselves look presentable the girls in makeup and the boys clean shaven with our outfits identical to yesterdays put on neatly.

Next, We all go down to the kitchen. Sir, Aiden, and I wait quietly at the table while Mae and Xemera make breakfast. Then, the girls clean the dishes and we all start our daily chores which takes up most of our morning. If we get done early then we can have a bit of down time.

Lunch is on the table at 12:00 PM sharp not a second later! After lunch is eaten and the kitchen is cleaned Sir goes to his study for work while the rest of us do our household hobbies inside and outside. If we finish our contribution to the house early then we can have some more down time.  

Dinnertime is at 6:00 PM sharp and we get a quick update from Sir about work and any chances that we might need, abnormalities in our schedule for the next week and so on.

Then it’s an hour of TV together to relax and let our food digest before heading up to get changed for our workout. Once we’re dressed, we all head out together to the gym to start our routine. It’s a little out of order, but that’s the way Sir wants us to plan our workout.

We all go to the stretching area for planks, flexibility, and push ups. Then it’s to the cardio. Twenty minutes spent without breaks on cardio alone before we move on to weights. Arms, legs, we don’t have specific days for each, we get everything done, push our bodies to the limit for about two or three hours before doing a small cool down and heading back to the house. There, we grab our clean nightclothes and head to our showers. Thirty minutes max for showers!

Dirty clothes go into the hamper to be taken to the laundry room on Sunday, we meet back down in the living room for another hour of TV or if someone wants to journal like me, then they can. After that, we say our goodnights, head up to our rooms and it’s lights out at 12:00 AM. No rule breaking allowed!

Our bodies are so sore from doing our new workout routine every day, but it’s worth it! Our life and the way we do things isn’t for everyone, we’re a really strict family and a lot of people wouldn’t be able to last a day in our shoes, but I like it. I don’t want a relaxed life like the people living outside our house. I like having to follow rules and a schedule. We have the perfect life.  

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  1. Pinkbutterfly I am the only one in the house who has a job and I work from home on my own time. I prefer to keep everyone in my household safe and within my sights. I can’t give out the information on my job, but it keeps my family afloat and gives everyone both their wants and needs. It is a difficult job, but fulfilling. -Sir

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