Relaxing Saturday

Got up around 9 AM but ended up getting off from my bed around 12:30 PM lol. I gotta stop playing with my phone on the bed. It seems like I wasted half of the day more of the weekend by doing that. So I started my day around 12:30 by doing laundry then finally get out of my apartment around 2 PM. Saw this video has Shawarma and ended up finding a place that has that around my place. Drove to Fairfax to go to the restaurant and finally got to try the paramount coffee shop that I have been wanting to try. I’m not going to go back tho since they don’t have wifi. The second coffee shop does not have wifi but the food looked great. Maybe for the food lol. Ended up here at the Bourgeois Pig and writing journals for the week. This place is a lot busier than the first time I visited with Dosung months ago. Very interesting interior that I like a lot. Chai tea is really good and the internet is decent. However tho my T-mobile cellphone does not seem to have a service here lol. 4:39 PM now and I’m almost done with journals and I still got an hour to be here work on my app till my parking gets expired.

Things to work on today
– Remove extra spaces on the content
– Add loading UI on one journal and past journal list page
– Find the best way to render state
– Study about eject command

Let’s see how much I can get done within an hour 🙂

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