108. Stability

Stability has never sounded so good. Thursday I have a job interview, with a job that offers decent pay, over full time hours, a dollar raise after 90 days, along with full benefits and 401k plan. The thought of not having to bust my ass to get full time hours between two jobs, and having time off, excites me to a new level.  

I pray I get it. I obviously will be letting go of one of the employments I have now, which one is the decision to be made. Deciding will be basted on the hours of this other job, which will make the most idea schedule. Once all this debt is paid off, the rest of my life can take off. As long as the judge grants my motion to leave state and transfer my probation to another state. 


Last Thursday, I went and got the memorial tattoo for my Grannie. A rosary tattooed around my neck, I’ll be adding her name and dates once it heals, for once I almost tapped out. I’ve never gotten a tattoo I was close to giving in, but the last 15 minutes, along with tattooing over one of the scars on my chest was excruciating. By the end of the tattoo there was literally a puddle of sweat under the tattoo chair. Even with the pain, it was worth it, and it’s absolutely perfect. 






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