133 – wow

I have wasted this morning. I walked into work and it was freezing.  The heat was out. I started work stuff then stumbled upon my old diary that was sitting on my C drive.  I have to get it off of this device.  It resides on a thumb drive and I must have read it on here and saved it accidentally.  I definitely don’t want it on here. But I have spent most of the morning reading it.  Some really emotional stuff. It was 2010-2014 or 15-ish? Stuff that I don’t want anyone ever to see.  But some really lovely stuff as well.  Great memories of my kids. The heat came back on about 45 min ago.  Finally took off my coat. Was a nice weekend.  H got home from business travel late on Fri night.  S was sleeping with me and H didn’t want to move him so he slept in S’s bed. Kids and I watched a movie on Fri night and I made breakfast for dinner.  They loved it – but hated the ending.  It was so funny the 2 of them ranting over it.         I was having a bit of a pity party for myself as I was invited to go to a girlfriend’s with some other girlfriends to watch a chick flick and drink wine.  I wanted to much to go but I couldn’t.  Yes the kids would be fine staying by themselves for a few hours, but the mommy guilt weighed too heavily on me.  In the end I know I really wanted to be with my kids more than out with girlfriends.  But it would have been nice to have been able to go.  Sat AM (early) I went for a walk/run.  It was bitter cold! Then off to get my hair done at 8:30.  3 ½ hours of relaxation. Felt great. After I got home from that D and I sorted thru a bunch of stuff that needs to be sorted – keep and organize or throw out.  S had b’ball practice at 2.  H took him to that.  D got invited to a friend’s for a sleepover.  S went to neighbor’s for a sleepover.  H and I were alone for the night! It was great! We made dinner, had a cozy fire, watched GOT, got high, had the most awesome sex ever – I’m still quite blow away by it! Sunday morning came and I went for a walk/run with a friend.  It was not as cold as Sat. Later in the day S had a birthday party at the movies. He was going to see Thor Ragnarok.  D wanted to see it too so I said I would take her – separately of course.  Didn’t want to cramp S’s style with his peeps. Had so much fun with her! We shopped a little after the movie.  She needed winter boots which we found.  I got a new pair of shoes as well.  Roasted chicken was in the oven when we got home. H put together a delicious Sunday dinner.  Reminded me of the dinners my mom would have on Sunday’s.

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