20 Minute Entry

The time I had a horrible haircut

It was the summer of 2016 in a July when I got my haircut. The shop was in Holt. When It was my turn to get in the chair I felt pretty good. But when my barber starting talking nonstop to the other barbers in the shop. When I finished getting my haircut, I thought it looked nice but my mom didn’t think so. She told me that my hairline was very off. I didn’t believe at the time but when I looked in the mirror, I then saw my crooked hairline. I was so mad at the time and we were out going to stores so I didn’t have a hat to cover my hair. My mother and I went to Walmart and I saw one of my friends. He couldn’t help but laugh. Thank goodness it was the summer because I don’t think I could have survive school at the time.

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