[117] ~*Mon – 11/13/17*~

[11:48 pm]

The show I watched last night before bed was Long Island Medium which was weird to see Theresa on TV after seeing her in real this summer. It feels much different. I wish she would of been like she is on the show in real. I still feel that she was trying too hard in her show to be funny. I don’t know.. It’s as if she wasn’t taking her readings seriously in the live show.

Anyways, my day wasn’t too bad as my last client cancelled once again. It worked out good cause I needed to meet my hairdresser so I could give her the money for her to buy my dye. I could of went for my hair earlier but I had to go eat as I was starving. I still managed to be there about half an hour early which was good cause I was there from 4:30 to about 9 pm. We sorta had a hair orgy. Hahaha! She was doing three hair at once. She started with my bleach then dyed another girl hair and then did her boyfriend’s haircut and came back to her and me and her and me. Lol! So that was fun. We were done before nine with my hair but I stayed there a bit to talk with her as I don’t see her much. 

So talking about hair… of course I need to find something wrong with it. Grr! I told her before she started that one side had less pink than the other so she made sure to fix that so all good on that part. Although the pink didn’t really come out as the blue kinda bled in it so it’s more purple-ish but I still like it cause it’s still a different color than the purple on top of my head. My thing this time is that there’s a part in the back that didn’t really take too well so it already looks faded. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s the back of my head and that I should forget about it but I keep going back to the mirror and looking at it. ARG! I wonder if I should ask her to redo that part or just try to live with it. It just annoys the hell out of me. I know if I go back she will prob charge me again and I don’t think it’s right cause really my hair ain’t 100% but then again, she charges me half price so… I’m debating. I’m trying to tell myself to at least wait until next week when I wash it and see how it looks then and decide. It will just drives me nuts until then. I mean, I don’t even see it cause it’s in the back of my head, the front looks great but I know it’s there and I keep going back and looking at it just to see if I can live with it or not. I really hate myself. I had actually saw it while I was still at the hairdresser but decided not to say anything about it but maybe I should of. Blah!

While I was there and we were talking, I was telling her about my big $3 at the Casino and how I had made $25 out of it last week. She asked me if I was going tonight and I told her that I didn’t think so, I was going to wait for next week. When I got out she said “good luck at the Casino” so of course when I got in the car I called my friend to see if she wanted to go to the Casino. Darnit! I played mom’s $5 and didn’t win anything so I played my big $3 and made $25 AGAIN. HAHA! Really I could of made more cause I had it at $39.97, like come on. I was gonna take $30 out but of course I pushed my luck and finally took $25. Also, while I was at the hairdresser she said she had gotten a Lucky Money thing for the Casino so then I was wondering if mom ever got one. I called her to see and.. of course she had and never told me. THAT WOMAN! I could be making $1000 and she isn’t telling me. She said she got the card but she doesn’t remember when it was and she thinks she threw it out. I want to call the Casino to see if they will tell me when it is but it’s late so I guess I should wait tomorrow to call. I can’t believe she’s been getting these cards and not telling me. Those are the cards I won the $1000 on. She prob been getting them ever since and just never told me about it which I kept asking her is she had gotten any. Mom, mom mom! She said she thought she had to be there in person to get it but nope, you just go at the machine and pick a card.

Now I’m tired and I want to stop thinking about my darn hair. I sorta want to go to bed but I need to wait for hub to be back from work so he can pick me up at the garage. I need to drop the car so they can change my tires tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve put the right ones in the car this time. Bleh!

Well, I shall watch a show until hubs call to say he’s done.




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