5 categories of ideas


  • Tennessee
  • Great Lakes Crossing
  • Mississippi
  • NexTech
  • My house


  • Moving to Tennessee.
  • Coming back to Michigan.
  • Getting into some trouble.
  • Remember exactly what happened when my grandmother passed away.
  • Meeting my best friend.


My Best friend

  • The day we met.
  • When I had to leave her when I moved.
  • How we can talk to each other about anything.
  • How we didn’t talk for a while.
  • When we hung out and she hurt herself. 

Something I want to do when I graduate highschool

  • Do something in Business but I’m not sure yet.
  • Become a mentor. 
  • Be a public speaker.
  • Be the most successful person in my family. 
  • Help my family out.


Something I want to change about myself right now

  • My diet
  • Change my attitude
  • get out of my shell more
  • make new friends
  • stop being so antisocial


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