Feeling productive

 Hello again. Today Im feeling productive. It’s a good feeling, I dont feel it often enough! Although I hate cleaning its actually very therapeutic, clean out the cobwebs! Im trying to get the house cleaned before the weekend so that I can have the weekend to get my assignments done for my certification. Im almost done, its just so hard to stay present and in the moment! Im the worst procrastinator lol Before my therapy became too expensive, my therapist was reminding me to keep on task because this one thing, my certification, will eventually get me a higher position at work which will give me more money which will help me and my son move out of my parent’s house. This has been my goal for the longest time and it’s something that I cannot give up on. Independence is scary and liberating. Im 34 and have never lived on my own. I hope I can do it! Well this is all for now. Speak soon x


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