This was the class after our presentation. We had a meeting with miss to discuss what as incorrectly done in our lesson plan. 

We also learnt about the process of chart making. What colour Bristol boards can be used, how to do the headings and boarders as well as the content on the chart. An important note to be made was that a chart should not contain red writing and that red/pink bristol board should never be used.

In this class miss also spoke about our dress code and as females we should build our collection by starting with the basic colours such as black, dark blue, light pinks etc. we should also wear shoes with elevation/platform but should also be comfortable to wear and one should also be able to walk in the shoes all day in the class.

I thought of this class as my last class of learning content. Reflecting on the entire semester, it was an extremely wonderful course. Many common mistakes we cleared up and i also had some common misconceptions cleared up. Another important point to note is that every class will have a different format of teaching and lesson planning. this however, still poses as a struggle for me because i tend to get confused on how the write up is to be for that specific class but with guideline from the lecturer and trial and error, I am progressing. I now have better understanding of the role of a teacher and the work that is put into the process of teaching. Based on my experience in this class I can successfully and confidently answer the one question that miss continuously asked throughout our development  process of becoming a teacher, “do you still want to be a teacher” and my answer is “yes, no matter the struggles and obstacles that I may face in progressing to become a teacher I believe that I can make a positive change in the education system and  make a huge impact on the lives of my future students.”

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