[118] ~*Tue – 11/14/17*~

[4:02 pm]

I didn’t even read last night. I lay in bed and thought I was gonna rest my eyes a little before reading but I never got to it. I woke up like an hour later and was like “Okay, guess I’m sleeping”.

I waited for hub to be done work to meet him at the garage so I could leave my car there for this morning and we went and got some McDonald’s. We were doing so great with no eating out. Oh well.. We watched Kevin Can Wait together and then I watched Ghosted and went to bed.

I got a little behind with my things today as I only woke up at like 2:40 when I was meant to get out of bed at two so I could clean the suggies cage. At like 2:07 I saw the time but didn’t wanted to get out of bed, told myself I’d stay in bed until about 3 pm. I wasn’t really falling back asleep so I told myself I was just being lazy and had to get going. I got out of bed and I had a call from the garage with a voicemail on the home phone and two calls with two voicemail’s from work on my cell. Gaw! Garage wanted to let me know my tires weren’t good anymore that I had to buy new ones. FUCK! So that’s gonna be another freaking $500. This just never ever stops. Work was calling cause one of my client’s already cancelled me for Thu so that’s not a late cancel so I’m not gonna be paid for that. I’m also a bit worried cause I always worry when a client that doesn’t normally cancel cancels me. Anyways, I  hope they can find me some hours to replace his three hours. My mom also emailed me back this morning saying that she indeed had the thing at the Casino and it’s today and tomorrow. That woman! So I will have to go to the Casino later on and hope to make some money so I can pay my darn tires.

I’m currently cleaning the suggies cage but taking a break considering that I did pretty good. I did the first wash and washed the toys all in one go. I normally take a break in between. I am not just taking my break before doing the second wash. I just need to hurry up cause it’s already starting to be dark and I don’t want them to wake up before I’m done washing the actual cage. I know they will get up to an empty cage but it’s the best I can do right now. At least their cage is clean. 

One thing I really hate when I get my hair cut is at the length they are I always have a darn messy head every morning and I need to straight them pretty much every day for the first 2-3 weeks and it’s a bit annoying. I still haven’t done that which I need to do before going out. I wanted to pick up some leaves outside but I think that will still wait another time cause I’m running out of time. I still need to finish the cage, do my hair and drop by the garage before 5:30 as they close at that time and I need my car for tomorrow morning as I need to be in Court. I also would want to go to Costco cause I’m running out of paper towel. Hub had said we’d clean the gutters today but I already knew he wouldn’t be up to do it today as he only went to bed at past 9 am. I might have to run out without him so my friend might come to the Casino with me but then again, she doesn’t have any money to play so I don’t know.

Well, I still have about 15 mins to my break so I can start watching a show and get a bit of stuff done on my farming game.




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