Are you a robot or an android?

I’ve joined a dating app for the first time in my life. Technically it was for the friend part, not the dating part, but nonetheless I’m breaking new land. Although in the past ten minutes of set up I already had two matches waiting for me, one asking to eat my bush. By the end of the night I may run screaming but for now I’m hopeful. 

Feeling a lot better than yesterday although I still haven’t slept and it’s much colder than it was this time last night. Sometime in between today and yesterday I also acquired the worst cold I’ve had in approximately ten years. At this point when I try to lay down blood rushes to my head so instead I get back up and continue about my night. Except it’s hard to continue your night when everyone else is asleep and with every footstep you feel increasingly intrusive to the precious R.E.M. cycle.

I miss dreams. I have them every time I sleep, lots of them, and I usually remember most if not all that occur. Some would also say I’m gifted with the ability to lucid dream although sometimes I wish I could go without. Maybe I can teach myself to sleep sitting up. Maybe then I’ll be able to sleep like I used to. I guess I’ll have to work on it. 

Hopefully in the next twelve hours I become exothermic, miraculously rid of my flu, have learned all the information I’ve missed in the various classes skipped since coming here, and am suddenly 250 dollars richer. Do you believe in miracles, stranger? In the grand scheme of things this one is probably a big one since it changes human anatomy itself. And if I’m have to put in the work myself like everyone says I do I would at the very least make everyone around me suffer, understand? So we should all pray for a miracle. 

I think I’m going to go back to my regular nightly programming. Farewell for now and sweet dreams. 

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