Peer Pressure

Have you ever been peer pressured into doing something you didn’t want to do before? I almost have. It happened this past Friday. So on Friday our school had a 8th grade dance type of thingy. I spent most of the time there with my two friends Calee and Aidan. So the dance hadn’t been going on that long until Aidan with his other friends came up to me and said “Hey Aidan has something to say to you.” You may thing that this is stupid but me and Aidan are really close in that type of way. So we haven’t kissed yet so I knew what they wanted. I ran away into the bathroom where they couldn’t follow me. All of the sudden Calee comes in after me and says “Hey it’s fine. Come on lets get you some lip gloss.” At this point I’m freaking out because one I don’t want my first kiss to be at a school dance and second because I don’t want everyone to see. So I’m freaking out and so she goes out for talk to Aidan. I waited in the bathroom for at least 15 minutes. Finally she comes back and is trying to persuade me to do it. So I go out and sit down on the bleachers. Then Aidan comes over and sits next to me and tells me how Calee said that I wanted to kiss him. I got so mad. I slammed the book I was reading down on the seat and went to find Calee. When I did find her I punched her really hard on the arm. After that I ran into the bathroom again and cried. She came in after me and tried to calm me down. apparently she said that she had me “glossed up” not that I wanted to kiss him but same thing. Anyway I calmed down and we took some pictures at the photo both thingy they had going on. And that’s basically it. We all went home happy and all was better. That’s it for now

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