Non-existing Telepathically:(

 Okay, so I have already talked about the boy I like. His name is Ethan…I can’t remember if I told you or not. Anyway today he sat with me once again. Which makes me happy that he could’ve sat with anyone but he chooses me. Over the past few days he has been playful. I know that sounds weird, playful, but it means we’re no longer shy around each other. Today at lunch we went over to a new table. He sat by me of course. Anyway he was making jokes about me liking someone else(which is T.J) and i DON’T like T.J. I would rather die. I told Ethan that I like someone else and it totally wasn’t T.j. He said are you sure, and we made eye contact for like 10 seconds. He looked into my eyes and my head was screaming I like you! I tried to tell him with my eyes. I truly did. And I wanted to say it so bad but then fear stopped me. I wish he had the power to read minds. I wish that I was able to say i like you. Also today he even came into my classroom. Like I was never expecting that. He followed me right in. Today he has to leave early though and I’m so sad because he is the only reason school is fun.

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