The weekend


Friday was exhausting, I really wanted to sleep over at my boyfriends house.. but my mother wouldn’t allow me. I ended up having a very very long discussion on why I should be allowed. We ended up having 2 different discussions, one where we sat on my bed and talked silently and one were there was just a bunch of screaming and it was hopeless. Though on the third discussion we finally came to an agreement. My father suggested he slept over at our place instead, which was fine by me. This was a nice way were I still got to spend the night with him, and my parents would have more time to get used to him.

On Saturday we were planning on travelling to Oslo, the captial city of Norway which is about 1 and a half hour away from where I live. We were planning on taking the 12am bus, but that certainly didnt work out as we couldn’t get out of bed. Cuddeling is just too nice! Though we did get up in the end, and he hasn’t been to Oslo since like years ago, which was about time considering I’m there every other month. I knew where I was going, he did not. Took him on an adventure, do something different than spend the day watching netflix haha.

First we went into Oslo city and ate burritos, and well he seemed as of he was having a bad time. I was wondering if all the people around was stressing him out or if he was still feeling sick after that long bus ride. Though things went better, we held hands and visited all kind of different stores. We went up “Carl Johan” which is a typical place for tourists to walk up, then we ended up at the kings castle… it was beautiful. We had a view to the entire city and the giant castle behind us. We sat there drinking japanese soda (don’t ask why, we visited a Tokyo store). It was nice, and very very romantic. Really would be the perfect spot to have our first kiss, but no. Don’t think he was thinking of it at all. The rest of the day we just wanderd around Oslo City (the shopping mall) and went shopping, he was basiclly just following me around holdng my clothes and bags.. typical.

On our way home again, he was having a huge headache, and I kinda felt bad for him. I told him he could just sleep through the busride and hopefully the headache will leave, even though public bus isnt exactly the most comfortable place to sleep at. He couldn’t fall asleep, because he didn’t have anywhere to rest his head. So it ended up with me resing on his shoulder and his head leaning on my head. It was sleep, I fell right asleep and so did he. The thing that sucked though, I woke up after like 20minutes, his head was falling over, tipping of my head all the time. He kept waking up, and well it didn’t help his awful headache much. I ended up staying awake the entire rest of the busride, just so I could keep pushing his head up everytime it was tipping over. The dilemma here was either I would keep sleeping comfortably and peaceful, or sacrafise my own sleep so he could keep on sleeping and getting rid of is headache. I ended up sacrafising my own sleep, but It was totally worth it. His headache was gone after.

After that, when we arrived back to my home.. he was supposed to just grab his stuff and go home. Though that didn’t quite happen.. he ended up spending the night.. again.. even though I didn’t ask my parents.. but I assumed it was alright. Which it was. We fell asleep at like 11pm, we were both exausted after that long trip. I woke up at like 3 am for some reason, it wasn’t a bad thing, because I woke up to him spooning me with his arms holding tight around me. I felt safe and comfortable. Fell asleep right after, until we both woke up again at 9am. Would have though we would wake up then, but we spend the entire day cuddeling, which was wonderful. Until 6pm, stayed there for 8 hours doing nothing but cuddling.

This was a great weekend. Wasn’t very productive but it was nice.



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