Episode 1

The episode starts with the scandal of Sam who gets caught with women.Now chairman doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He ordered Secretary to look into the matter and decides to punish his son to teach him a lesson and forces him to go to a resort, taking from him all credit cards, cars, and any other perks. As a spoiled kid, he doesn’t take it graciously and throws a tantrum, and here it’s where I have to, literally, drag him and push him inside the shuttle bus.Now that spoiled kid, Sam has to take the shuttle bus to go to resort 🙂 where our beauty Sia meets Sam first time – In a bus.
Scandal scene
Sia has been invited to a wedding, heading to the same place that Sam is off to, but she lacks the grace and common sense to realize she shouldn’t carry her suitcase in her arms, hitting Sam in the head not only once but twice, and then dropping a book on him. The cherry on the cake is when she’s trying to get to her seat and the driver presses the gas pedal, making her lose her balance and land on Sam’s lap.

How unfortunate and bumpy.

In his arrogant and disdainful manner, Sam tells her to move and they don’t talk much more, with bad opinions of the other already formed. They do fall asleep only waking up when they arrive, being the last ones to get off the bus. Sia runs one last time over Sam’s foot with her suitcase.

Always consistent in her unconscious aggression.

Fed up with the situation, Sam doesn’t have any disposition to work. I have been ordered to tell him he has to work as bellboy if he wants any of his belongings back. He refuses, even throwing the uniform at me but ultimately I win and he wears his uniform, although he does not do his job, slacking off and even bossing around the other employees. He is being forced to do something, but he’s only looking for a way out and unfortunately he sees me handing the car keys to another employee.

The wedding the resort is hosting is for Sia’s mother, her second wedding, the woman is, to say it nice, extremely proud of her past, which includes erotic actress. This past, however, has scarred Sia and she can’t take the whispers around her anymore so she makes a run for it. In her escape, she crashes directly into the wedding cake Sam is using as an excuse to divert his supervisor’s attention. Even if Sam tries to save her, the cake lands on her face and she only leaves embarrassed.

With his plan ruined, Sam only gets scolded for his behaviour and is ordered to apologise to the valuable customer, especially after calling her enraged bull. Reluctantly, he does so, while also managing to take the car keys from the other employee. He goes to her suit to deliver expensive wine but his mannerisms are arrogant and cause for the two to end up just fighting. He leaves the room but he accidentally drops the car keys.

Sia, on the other hand, decides to drink the apology wine and enjoy a bubble bath, but she has the poor judgment to precariously stick her foot in the bubbles while believing she has a good balance (we have seen she doesn’t). She ends up slipping on the floor tiles and hitting herself while the wine spills like blood traces. It looks more dramatic than it is, but surely it is still painful.

Sam comes back then to get the car keys but no one opens and then he hears a faint “save me” from inside and his good side pops up, frantically doing everything to get in. It looks like a murder scene so he and the other employee panic and in the most heroic way, he takes Sia in his arms and carries her to the ambulance (not without forgetting to get the car keys first). The paramedics realize immediately she’s faking unconsciousness and tickle her into screaming acceptance of what she’s done, to the humiliation of her and Sam.

After some more fighting, they part ways in bad terms and things only get worse for Sia whose mother scolds her for ruining her wedding. They have a fight and the most affected is Sia, who is left all alone while her mother got a new husband.

Sam takes the car and pays a visit to a woman. I do inform the chairman of his actions but this man allows it, saying a visit to his mother might help him. The woman he stops to see is Sia’s mother, and although he leaves flowers for her, he does not stop to talk.

As he drives away, he spots Sia and instead of ignoring her, he offers her a ride. Only when he makes it look like the buses have stopped running, she gets on his car and together they go to the beach where they drink and have a heartfelt conversation, where Sia opens up to him.

As the night falls, Sia gets drunker and at Sam’s concern, she ends up crying. The young man is surprised he made a woman cry for asking her if she’s okay, and also because it’s the first time he finds a crying woman pretty. In the spur of the moment and after she almost falls, yet again, Sam does something reckless and kisses her.

Sia is shocked and pulls back, but it seems the words of her mother telling her to live her life and have a passionate moment with a man have stuck with her because instead of slapping Sam or anything, she pulls him back for another kiss.

And you guys know what happened next. No need to tell, right? 😉

To see how things turn out after this one night stand, just wait for episode 2. I’ll see you all for that.



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