Episode 2: You’ve Deeply Insulted Me

The episode starts with the same scene from the end of episode 1, with Sia and Sam letting themselves get carried away by their vulnerabilities and loneliness. When morning comes, Sia wakes up first and is startled by her actions, but then panics when she notices the group of old ladies coming to the beach. In a rush, she makes a run for her dignity and that’s the end of their one-night romance.

But life goes on and our leads follow their paths. Sam has taken the job seriously, even becoming the face of the male suits line, and showing outstanding results. Meanwhile, Sia has finally found a job the s nutritionist (yes, that’s her job in case you were wondering), at no other place but Sam’s Group. And this is how fate makes our leads paths cross again, although at first, they don’t realise.

Sia’s first day, she walks a few steps ahead, she even takes the front elevator while Sam and I(secretary) take the other, and it’s when the doors are closing then Sam seems to notice her, but in his overworked state he is not sure whether it was his imagination or not.


Sam has made a name for himself due to his character, he uses a chronometer for the meetings, asking more and more from his employees, with screams and outbursts, demanding from everyone to keep up with what he’s asking of them. The employees call the chronometer the Time-Bomb.

Sia joins her team, four people who are lead by an old lady who looks everything but friendly and who seems is set to give the young girl a hard time. A young, stylish woman gives Sia the tour and explains the ropes for the new member, also spreading the rumours about their director Sam.

Sam does a great work, the sales have increased and his father now has a good opinion of him. I still have to look after him, but he has stopped acting like a spoiled kid. The chairman wants him to marry but marriage is not in Sam’s plans just yet, which makes his father wonder if he got his heart broken or something similar. Suspiciously, Sam denies all accusations.

In his drive to success, Sam overworks himself, skipping meals that cause him to collapse when he’s having an outburst in a meeting, ending up in the hospital. And here comes the role of our beauty Sia as she is nutritionist 😉 She must give 3 meals a day to Sam. After all, it is her responsibility to make director – our Handsome hunk Sam to be healthy.

Until now, both do not know that they are in same company working as Boss-Employee. Unknowingly, she agrees, displeasing her coworkers.

Sia is now in the lion’s den. Firstly, although Sia is a nutritionist, her cooking skills are pitiful and on occasions threatening. She delivers food that looks like anything but a healthy food, and Sam refuses to eat it. She continues trying, but every try leads to another failure. She rants to her friend, a successful and handsome young man, owner of a cafe and writer, Rohan(side here – you can say 🙂 ). They seem really close and comfortable with each other, bickering and fighting like siblings.

Sia sees one day how one of Sam’s receptionists throws away the untouched food she made for him. Offended, Sia goes to see him but he’s not around, he’s just on his way and he stops before she can see him, realising that it’s true, she’s there. He confirms it later and avoids her, telling her to only contact him through text messages.


What, She is really here. Why, why she left me after that night? I’ll make her regret that.Well, it’s good she doesn’t know who the hell I am.She must have to give me reason why she left. I’ll make her apologize.

Through flashbacks, Sia remembers waking up alone in the car, with the old ladies laughing at him because the girl he spent the night with ran away.The ladies assume it was his disappointing performance and the young man cries in humiliation.


Was it him? No, No way.It’s not possible.How he can be here.Oh god, I hope it’s not him.What I am going to do now?Well,I know, he cant be here.Sia, just forget it.Focus on your work.You should make that psycho director eat your meals.

Nowadays, Sam resents Sia for she has deeply humiliated him and now he’s set on revenge.

Now he doesn’t just refuse to eat her meals, he also nitpicks and bullies her, even coming up with excuses that are nothing but a lie, driving Sia to a mental breakdown. As she rants to her friend Rohan, she accidentally sends her honest thoughts about their director to the very man.
In horror, Sam runs not to stop the text message but to apologise. At first, she’s stopped from coming in the office, but Sam allows it. She apologises profusely while staring at his back until he turns around and she can see with her own eyes how he is the man she slept with and from whom she ran away.

Oh, the horror.


Now, I think I should stop here. See you in next episode. For now, I’ll take your leave.B….Bye

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